1. Bermuda3Eck

The "Bermuda3Eck" is a pub quarter at the end of the pedestrian zone in the city of Bochum. In recent years the "Bermuda3Eck" has developed into one of the most famous places for night owls in the Ruhr area. Numerous restaurants, bars, clubs and cinemas attract party animals.


Bermuda3Eck, Bochum



2. Zeche Zollverein

The disused Zeche Zollverein colliery has been transformed into a cultural district. Between 1851-1986 coal was mined here. Since 2001 Zollverein is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most beautiful part is the tower of shaft 12, designed by the architects Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer in 1928 (Photo). Very impressive is the Zentralkokerei with 304 ovens, which were used until 1993. You can spend a whole day at Zollverein, there are also interesting museums and nice restaurants on the compound. For more information check out Sights & Attractions in the Ruhr Area


Gelsenkirchener Str.



3. Currywurst

The "Currywurst" is one of the most popular snacks in Germany. Even if the "Currywurst" was invented in Berlin, it is considered as the national food of the Ruhr area. The best sausage in the "Pott" (Ruhr area) is the "Currywurst" of the Bratwursthaus in Bochum.


Bermuda3Eck, Bochum



4. Schurenbach Halde

The lunar like landscape of the Schurenbach-Halde stands in contrast to the lush woodland, you pass through by climbing up the heap. With 250,000 new trees the base of the heap was reforested in the 1980s. Access from Emscherstraße


Schurenbach Halde


5. Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

The former Thyssen steelworks has become an interesting cultural and natural experiment. The old industrial structures are slowly being overgrown by plants. You can walk through the remains of the former industrial plant. Now there are restaurants and Museums on the grounds. For more Information check Nature in the Ruhr Area


Emscherstraße, Duisburg



6. Museum Folkwang

The most famous museum in the Ruhr region has wonderful works of impressionism, the "Blaue Reiter", "Brücke" and  "Bauhaus" artists with FeiningerKlee and Kandinsky in it's permanent exhibition. Form more information check Museums in the Ruhr Area


Goethestr. 41, Essen



7. Dortmunder U

After the former building of the "Dortmund Union Brewery" was cleared in 1994, the city of Dortmund took over the site. The 70 m high tower built in 1929 was converted into a center for arts and creativity by Gerber architects in 2010. On the roof top there is a viewing platform with a bar.


Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse, Dortmund



8. Gasometer Oberhausen

Spectacular large sculptures by Christo and other famous artists make the "Gasometer" an international lighthouse of contemporary art. In addition to the gigantic art hall, the gasometer in Oberhausen also offers a viewing platform. Current exhibitions can be found at the link below.


Arenastraße 11



9. Margarethenhöhe

Margarethe Krupp donated the residential settlement in 1906 to the wedding of her daughter Bertha. The "Margarethenhöhe" is together with "Hellerau" near Dresden, the first German Garden City to be built according to the "Garden City" concept of the Englishman "Ebenezer Howard" from 1898. The architect Georg Metzendorf created a romantic little town idyll with many beautiful details. The "Margarethenhöhe" consists of 935 buildings, which were built between 1910-1929. At the "Kleiner Markt" square there are shops and a hotel. For more Information check Architecture Ruhr Area


Metzendorfstraße, Essen


10. Nordstern Park

After the closure of the Nordstern colliery in 1993, a landscaped park was built on the site. In 1997, the German Garden Show (Buga) took place here. Old buildings of the former mine were integrated into the park 


Am Bugapark, Gelsenkirchen



Map of the Top 10 of the Ruhr area


Ruhr Top 10

The regiopia Top 10 of the Ruhrgebiet

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