Nordstern Park

The Nordsternpark is located in the Horst district of Gelsenkirchen. The Nordstern hard coal mine began producing coal in 1868. The plant was continuously expanded until the decline begins in 1980. After the Nordstern colliery was finally closed in 1993, a landscape park was created on the site. In 1997 the Federal Garden Show (Buga) took place here. Old colliery buildings were integrated into the park. The Nordsternpark is located directly on the Emscher and the Rhine-Herne Canal. An amphitheater was also built right on the water. The attractions in the park include the landscape pyramid and the red double arch bridge over the Rhine-Herne Canal by civil engineer Stefan Polonyi.


Am Bugapark, Gelsenkirchen


Emscher Park

The "IBA Emscher Park" (International Building Exhibition) initiated between 1999 and 2009 the conversion of former industrial zones into parks and gardens. The "Emscher Park" cycle path connects many projects of the route of industrial culture along the Emscher canal.  

Schurenbach Halde

The lunar like landscape of the "Schurenbach-Halde" stands in contrast to the lush woodland, you pass through by climbing up the heap. With 250,000 new trees the base of the heap was reforested in the 1980s. Access from Emscherstraße


The Rhein-Herne-Kanal was built in 1914 as coal transport channel and was transformed into a cultural channel in 2010, which promoted cultural and leisure projects along the canal. Since then, the channel is a popular recreation area.

Stadtpark Bochum

The city park in Bochum was created in 1876 in the style of an English landscape garden. The hilly terrain with two lakes and a "Bismarkturm" from 1910, is a paradise for rabbits. The cute little rabbits can be seen everywhere in the park. At the city park is also a small animal park. 

Chinesischer Garten Bochum

This charming Chinese garden is located in the botanical garden of the Bochum Ruhr University. Suzhou-style buildings and pavilions are grouped around a pond. The Chinese city of Suzhou is famous for it's classical gardens.

Chinesischer Garten Duisburg

There is a very beautiful Chinese garden in the Duisburg Zoo. It is a gift from the Chinese partner city of Wuhan and consists of several buildings and a marble bridge. 

Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

The former Thyssen steelworks has become an interesting cultural and natural experiment. The old industrial structures are slowly being overgrown by plants. You can walk through the remains of the former industrial plant. Now there are restaurants and Museums on the grounds.

Emscherstraße, Duisburg


Westruper Heide

The heathland "Westruper Heide" near the city of Haltern was created by clearing in the 18th century. Since 1937 it is a nature protected area, because it is home to many rare plants and animals. 

Schlosspark Nordkirchen

The late-baroque garden for Ferdinand von Plettenberg was designed around 1725 by the architect Johann Conrad Schlaun. The "Venusinsel" and more than 300 sculptures, make the "Schlosspark Nordkirchen" a famous place near the industrial haert of Germany.


Schlosspark, Nordkirchen


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