Englischer Garten

The "English Garden" is more than just a park, the garden is the heart of Munich. It is home to the most famous beer gardens, the "Chinese Tower" and the "Seehaus". In 1789 the site became a public park in the style of an English landscape garden. 


The "Hofgarten" was built in 1617 under Maximilian I. In the middle of the garden stands the "Diana Temple", the goddess of hunting. The Baroque garden was destroyed during WW II, but was later rebuilt in the style of the 17th century. 


At the entrance to the "English Garden" at Prinzregenten Straße, the "Eisbach" (Ice Creek) offers a permanent wave, which is used by surfers. On the weekend many spectators gather to watch the brave surfers. 


The river "Isar" springs in Austria and flows into the Danube near Deggendorf. In Munich the Isar has a wide river bed with gravel surfaces on the shore, which is used for barbecue, fishing and bathing. North of the city center, there are large floodplain forests.

Alter Botanischer Garten

The "Old Botanical Garden" was opened in 1812. The entrance portal with an inscription from Goethe is still preserved. After the "New Botanical Garden" was opened 1914 in Nymphenburg, a park with a neptune fountain, a beer garden and an exhibition hall were constructed on the site. 

Chinese Garden Munich

The Munich Chinese Garden was built in the Westpark for the "International Garden Exhibition" of 1983. The "Garden of fragrance and splendor" was designed in China and built with materials and workers from the People's Republic of China


Next to the Chinese Garden, there are national gardens of other countries. There is a nepalese pagoda, a Japanese Garden and a sala, a Thai pavilion with a Buddhist statue reflecting in the lake. 


The "Chiemsee" is the largest lake in Bavaria and, with its islands and excursion boats, a popular destination for the people of the bavarian capital. With the "Fraueninsel" and the castle of Herrenchiemsee, the lake has interesting sights to offer, making it a favorite tourist destination in Germany. 


If you drive up the winding road from Kochel am See to the "Walchensee", you suddenly reache another world. Up here one is surrounded by grandiose nature and except on the week end almost alone. For people from North America this is probably nothing special, but in Germany remote places like this are hard to find.


Located about 50 km south of Munich, the "Schliersee" offers a beautiful alpine panorama in the background of the only 2.5 km long lake. You can take a ships for the island of "Wörth" in the middle of the lake.  

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